In English PT WKS Claimed 8 Billion, Residents From Three Villages

PT WKS Claimed 8 Billion, Residents From Three Villages


MEETING mediation about land compensation of Betara villagers still did not find the agreement. Meetings held in the Hall of the Parlement Building West Tanjab District discussed about the submerged land caused by PT WKS canal.

According to Ambo, the chairman of Commission II DPRD Tanjab West that it still needed internal meeting between the two sides. Betara villagers and  PT WKS have to sit together again to discuss

“From the Mandala Jaya village, the losses about 4 billion because the damage of any plants.  While, the losses from three villages about 8 billion. It was based on our prediction, not an audit,”he said.

According to him, the agreement of the two sub-districts of Pengabuan and Betara district that the flood management has been submitted to the PT WKS.

“We will discuss it again. We’ll wait. We still oversight it,” he said.

Similarly, according to Slamet from PT WKS that they will sit together with the public to discuss the issue. “We will also discuss to give assistance to people whose lands are affected by flood,” he said.

He said that for long term solution will be considered. In order, the same problem event did not happen anymore.

“It will be determined later based on the results of the study. Because PT WKS already there since 1989. We are also seeking information because there was a big flood several times from 2011 to 2012. From our analysis, the flood was caused by the rainfall, “said Slamet, in halls of Parlement Tanjab West.

He said that there were several companies that stand in watershed Tungkal coverage such as PT. Tri Mitra and Agrowiana.

“According to us, the rainfall was quite high.  So, from watershed in Tungkal it should be restored and studied. And we gave it to the experts later,” he said. (muz/Translate by Surya Elviza)


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