In English Company Public Relations Confess Their Mistake

Company Public Relations Confess Their Mistake

Haji Badar house currently damaged by blasting activity of PT KIM

MUARABUNGO – LSM Padam Mass Organisation objectified their commitment to do unannounced inspection to PT Kuansing Inti Makmur (KIM) on Wednesday (22/3). It was related to some citizens houses which damaged by the blasting activity of PT KIM.

Afrizal, The Head of LSM Padam, the Head of Satma Pemuda Pancasila Mass Organisation, and also Mass media came to Tanjung Belit village, Jujuhan sub-district.

On that unannounced inspection, the Team found some houses cracked because of company blasting activity. “We have seen citizen’s loss because of company activity. This is the negligence of Government, which can not protect the society. Government should control the activity of company in our land. Do not let the company become a trouble maker for citizen,” Afrizal Said.

Haji Bandar, citizen of Tanjung Belit said, his house has badly damaged because of PT KIM blasting activity. He said, after Five years being damaged by the blasting activity, PT KIM finally repaired the houses for the first time. After being pressed by citizens.

“Yesterday, they said they would begin their blasting activity again, we refused. Because, many houses damaged by this activity. After some meetings, we had a deal that the company had to repair the houses before begining their blasting activity again,” H Bandar said.

H Bandar also said, two houses of his children Rosnani and Rosneli are also damaged by the blasting activity. “Our three houses were damaged. My house, and two houses of my daughters. Badly damaged,” H Bandat Said.

After checking H Badar’d house, the team checked another houses of citizens. Another citizens said, in average, their houses were slightly cracked. But, 15 houses badly damaged.

“Most of houses were slightly cracked. But 15 of them are badly damaged,” said Ilham, another citizens.

After doing unannounced inspection in damaged location, the team met the representation of company. Head of Public Relations of PT KIM, Hadi confessed that some houses were damaged because of blasting activity on 2012. At that time, company had less perpartaian on doing blasting activity. That was why, citizens got disadvantages.

“We confess it gently, the damages were caused by activity many years ago, arround 2012. But now, everything are well prepared and coordinated,” he said.

Since 2017, the company have done blasting activity for 8 times. And every blasting activity since February, involved various elements. “To control our activity,” he said.

Did the company involved Government in that activity? Hadi said, so far, they had not involved Government.

Nowadays, company still doing blasting activity, H Badar and other citizens are afraid if their houses were damaged again. They assumed, PT KIM blasting activity is very close to their houses. “Its only 1 Kilometer. That is why, we are afraid if our houses increasingly damaged,” H Badar said.

He hoped, Government always control this activity. Because every blasting activity, caused a tremor and noisy. (Frs)


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