In English Father Raped Daughter Next to His Wife

Father Raped Daughter Next to His Wife

Ilustrasi: Djatmiko/Jambi Independent

Have Been Done for Four Times

BATANGHARI – H (35), a man from Tembesi Sub-District, Batanghari District, can be called depraved father. He raped his own daughter, SS (14) four times. In the fifth time, He did that evil thing in front of his wife, SF (36) on Sunday (5/2).

Based on information summarized by Jambi Independent, that depraved action has been done since Nophember 2016. That small cottage where they live located arround 5 Kilometres from village. It is located arround farming area, almost isolated.

One day on Nophember 2016, H raped his own daughter, SS who has slim body. SS could not againts, because H intimidated her. After succeed with his first action, H continued raping his daughter in the next months. SS who has been dropped out from school, was featful. She had no bravery to tell her mother, SF about what her father did. That’s why, SS chose to sleep beside her mother in the night. But, that poor SS, still being raped by her father H.

On Sunday (5/2) night arround 11 PM, H came home, he was drunk. He came into his bed room in hurry. He saw his wife sleeping with his daughter. H overbeares his daughter immediately. SS shocked and screamed. Her mother SF awaked. She could not believe what her husband did to her daughter. SF pulled her husband’s hand to help her daughter. But Her husband, H was mad. She was hit.

After strong effort, SF succeed of helping her daughter SS. Both of these poor women run into village. They told the chief about their case. The chief together with the residents tried to find H. But they could not find H at his cottage.

On Monday (6/2) morning, SF accompanied by village aparatus report what her husband did to Batanghari Police. Head Of bloodhound and Crime of Batanghari Police, AKP Yumika confirmed that report. Yumika said, after receiving the report, polices found and arrested the suspect.

“Cooperating with the village aparatus, we arrested the suspect. He arrested in a tavern in Senami, Jebak Village, Tembesi Sub-District. When being arresting, the suspect did not show resistance,” Yumika said.

Beside arresting H, Police also save the victim’s clothes for evidences. Now, teh suspect and evidences are being kept in Batanghari Police Station. “The suspect will be examined. His psichology will be tested. We have suspicion on his psichology,” he explained.

The victim and her mother, are still being asked for information. From the informations, known that the father’s heartless behaviour have been done for four times at home. He did it when house was empty and deserted. “The victim are still in trauma, so we can not get information from her yet. Whether she was threatened to be killed, we still going deep into that,” Yumika said.

Chief of Jebak Village M Arip said, H is an introvert person. His job is selling charcoal. “Labour of charcoal collector. His house Is a cottage, far away from the crowd,” Arif said.

To pay his action, H will be snared by clause 81(1) RI Constitution No 25 2014, about the change of RI Constitution No 23 2003 about children protection. He is threatened by 15 years in jail, in addition, emasculated punishment. As ruled in Government rules as the replacement of Constitution No 1 2016. (muz/nas/translete by Jennifer Agustia)

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