In English PT RKK Sued Rp 1.2 T

PT RKK Sued Rp 1.2 T

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Disgrace Of Indonesia In International Eyes

JAMBI – After the mediation process between the Ministry of Environment and PT Ricky Kurniawan Kertapersada (RKK) did not reach agreement Tuesday,  (7/2), it was the first trial of a lawsuit readings.
In its lawsuit, The Ministry of Environment sues PT  RKK to pay immaterial loss amount Rp 1 T to the state. While for the material loss PT RKK should pay Rp 200 Billion. Said Edi Muhtar in Jambi District Court.
“The consideration because it was defamed Indonesia in International eyes,” said Edi Muktar, in the trial led by Banta Saragih, as the chief of the trial.
Edi said there are material and inmaterial losses that shoul be paid by PT RKK as defendant. After investigating,it is found that there were enviromental damage because of land fire about 600
hectares peatlands which is suspected done by PT RKK in the last 2015.
According to Edi Muktar, besides PT RKK, KLH also sues a civil lawsuit against PT ATGA. But, Edi said that the lawsuit to PT ATGA is filed in the District Court of North Jakarta, not in Jambi.
Not onli in Jambi, Riau, South Sumatra but also other Provinces that have plantation companies indicated to the omission of the forest fires sould be sued.
“The Ministry of Environment is also sues PT ATGA. But the lawsuit is held in Jakarta,”said Edi Muktar, who was accompanied by Yose from KLH. In addition, Edi said that KLH also sues
PT ATGA and RKK simultaneously.
After the trial, Edi who was interviewed by journalist, keep with the trial lawsuit. Because the peatlands have burnt. And PT RKK has obligation to burnout the land.
However, KLH assess that it is kind of omission. So it became a smoke disaster in the last 2015. “The State indicated there were material and inmateril losses. Moreover, it made Indonesia became worse in the neighboring countries,” said Edi again.
After reciting the trial material, the judges gave to the defendant to explain the suit. “The lawyer said  that the material suit amount  Rp 200 Biliion to Rp 1 T. And it should be explain in detail about those losses,” said Banta Saragih.
According to the chief of the court, it could not be proved the were no problem about those losses. ” I have ever accepted in material suit for train accident victims for amount 5 trillion and the prosecutor could explain about the suit,”he said.
Meanwhile, a lawyer from PT RKK refused the journalist to be interviewed. He chose to leave the court building. The trial will be delayed until next week with the agenda to hear the response from PT RKK. (ira/nas/translete by Surya Elviza)
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