In English PT Satya Kisma Usaha denies its promise about CSR

PT Satya Kisma Usaha denies its promise about CSR

The demonstrators urged that the company's operation should be dismissed temporarily until their demand are met.

MUARABUNGO – Hundreds people of Telentam and candi village, Tanah Sepenggal district demonstrated to the Bungo Regent’s office on wednesday (16/2). They demanded that PT Sinarmas group, PT Satya Kisma Usaha (SKU) to realize agreement on funding Corporate Social Responsibility.

“We had made agreement about it and it was mediated by the vice of regency that the CSR fund was amount 25 M per month for each village. But they did not keep their promose,” said Hamdan as the Chairman of PMII Bungo.

The demonstrators urged that the company’s operation should be dismissed temporarily until their demand are met.

“We also demanded PT SKU for repairing the damaged roads that passed by PT SKU. It caused dust and respiratory disorders. Many victims because of that damaged roads,”he said.

They threatened to boycott all the Sinarmas products If this case was not resolved.

Musa Idris, chairman of BPD Telentam village, District of Sepenggal said they askes the Regent to meet them. They did not want that he appointed anyone to represent him.

“We hoped that the Regent of Bungo met us. We didnot want to be represented. The Regents should firmly to overcome this case,”he said.

Mashuri, regent of Bungo Regency asserted that he will support them.

Knowing about the demonstrations, the Head of Sinar Mas group, the main company of PT SKU, gave a positive response.

In their press release, the management company through the Public Relations M.akbar told that the company will pay their obligation to the Telentam and Candi Village people.

According to Akbar, what is the current demands of the demonstrations will be met by the company as soon as possible. “First, the public accused that our TBS transport activity, damaged their roads. After coordinating with all the elements, so we were agree to make improvements along the nine kilometer roads,” said Akbar yesterday.(frs/Translete by Surya Elviza)

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